ALLUMINATI not all conspiracies are theory
ALLUMINATI not all  conspiracies are theory 

ALLUMINATI not all conspiracies are theory!

As of late , anytime one thinks of CONSPIRACIES. the term "conspiracy theory". Well not all conspiracies are theory! Let's take. Alluminati for instance. Not to be confused with THE ILLUMINATI which is a brotherhood and a secret society, that we shall not look into ( just in case any of it is true:). Alluminati is the name of our 2015 flying cloud Airstream 27' FBthat will be soon on an epic journey across what is still as of January 2016 the FREE COUNTRY of the United States. 

We are conspiring to make this trip with the help of all we meet on the way. See no theory there. We invite all other "ALLUMINATI" ( that would be aluminum sheathed trailer owners ) to join in on the conversation, by adding comments about their travels to this conspiracy. As well as joining on parts of the sojourn undertaken herein..


It it is this mans hope to write a log of coordances and chronicle the day's events whilst enjoying the freedom of travel afforded the citizens of the United States of America. At this time. To that end 




Here we go.  

Illuminati : The illuminated ones

Alluminati : The Alluminum ones 

Day one:   woke up got outa bed draged a comb across my head .. went upstairs had a cup ,looking up i noticed i was late , grabbed my coat grabbed my hat made the bus in seconds flat


45.152.35 N/ 119.231.51Wmade 100 miles today , at this rate it should take abour 30 days to get to the east coast. beutiful day had to stop for water a few times , but all and all it seems a good day .

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